Cause of Unhappiness Part One: Misplacing Your Happiness

By Supakorn Laohasongkram on December 12, 2015
Happiness is like a string which ties us to that which we believe is our happiness.

Let's say for example that if you tie your happiness with being rich and accepted, then as long as you are not rich or accepted you can not be happy. Similarly if you rest your happiness on your promotion then the promotion itself becomes the happiness which you have put outside of yourself.

We, humans, have many things which our happiness is dependent upon whether it would be our wealth, health, or love ones. So imagine yourself being ties to millions of these strings of “happiness” and what you soon realise is that “happiness” becomes a binding spider web which you are the prey. Each "happiness" is pulling us left and right to the point that it become impossible to attain any happiness or freedom.

So be careful where you place your happiness because that which you believe to be “happiness” will be your master and you will be its slave. The happiest man on earth does not rest his “happiness” on anything. He is already happiness as is. He is even happy with the unhappy things in life because he knows how to accept and move on. For us who are new this journey, so start small by critically examine our happiness. Simplify your life and cut those unnessarily ties of “happiness”. Is it all that important to be “succesful” in eyes of the others? Is being rich the answer to life? Is it worth it to trade your inner happiness for an outer one? Is my family comes first before my work? Slowly find out what matters to you most. Cut out any unnecessary wants. Eventually your life will feel lighter as you let go of those extraneous ties of "happiness." 

Question Your Happiness

As a practice, I suggest you to regularly review your life. I personally have a habit of writing a journal every night before going to bed to see what is bothering my mind. List them all out, question this list of what you called “happiness” then sort only ones that matters most to you. You will easily find many things which you desire; yet they are unnecessary towards life and are, in some ways, even weighting you down from achieving what really matters.

Happiness needs work. So invest some time to learn more about what you really want. Tell me what you find out in the comments below so that we can all help one another. We are learning to be happy so enjoy your road toward it. Have fun learning it. I promise you it’s a beautiful journey.

What to take away

Knowing where your happiness truly belongs is a skill one which can be improve by learning to quickly identify where you have misplaced your happiness, and letting go of unnecessary desire. The less ties of "happiness" you have the better you easier and happier your life will be.

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