Why Know Oneself?

March 22, 2016

There are 3 goals in knowing oneself.

  1. To see the true nature of ourselves and the world
  2. To experience peace and happiness
  3. To become skillful at handling our own desires

This practice is known since ancient times as "meditation". Meditation allows us to experience a state of stillness. When the mind is not looking for something it wants and is not concern about its dislike, our mind comes together to produce an experience of True Happiness.

Be careful though that the practice of mindfulness is not about not thinking or ignoring or denying the reality of our undesirable thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness is simply to be mindful. All thoughts, feeling and everything that comes to our senses are allowed. The practice of mindfulness is not a judgment on ourselves. It is not a self-management exercise in which we must assert control over ourselves. It is a practice of knowing and being mindful of life as it is.

The more we come to know the nature of ourselves the more we will realize the three noble Truths of our lives which are:

How could the heart be unhappy if it knows everything is impermanent? How could the heart be unhappy if it knows everything will not last forever? How could our heart be unhappy if it knows that reality is not about what we want but about the absolute law of cause and effect that determined reality? It can't be unhappy.

These are the Truth that our hearts will come to know through meditation. It is not about knowing it intellectually. We can know that everything is impermanent in our thought but does our hearts truly accept and understand that Truth? When someone we love passes away, regardless of how many books we read about impermanent, it is only the heart that decides our happiness.

For this reason, we need to meditate in order to let our heart see the Truth for itself. It's not an intellectual discovery to be found in books or in logic. It's a spiritual discovery which comes from and by the heart that see the Truth of life.

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