How to Find Happiness in Challenging Times

June 27, 2016

We all face different kinds of challenging situations in our lives. I have personally struggled throughout life with my loved ones’ poor judgments and decision-making, leaving me stuck with the unpleasant fruit of their actions. As I go on living, I realize that there are numerous times in which I have no choice or control over my environment. I encounter selfish, greedy, and uncooperative coworkers in my workplace, yet I had to put up with it and get my tasks done as best as I could. I return to my home at the end of each day, to find more stress rather than relaxation. With the build up of stress everywhere I turn, I needed a quick and practical relief.

No matter how difficult the situation you face, there are ways to unlock the inner getaway to break yourself free, to safeguard your emotional health, and sanity.

Right then and there. The result? Lighter, clearer mind, more relaxed mood, and a compassionate heart towards yourself, the situation, and the people in it. There are countless tactics to accomplish this. Here are the common tactics I have used which had worked for me.

1. Think of death.

Of yourself. Of the ones you love. Of the ones you hate. Of you and all these people altogether. Of the very people you are trapped with.

Consider this very real, and inescapable fact of life. No matter how everlasting the torture or pain you are experiencing, it does not go beyond death.

2. Find a quiet room/corner/space.

Turn your face to the wall, gently close your eyes, sit comfortably and breathe slowly. Just simply relax. This is your space. This is your moment. Feel the air traveling in and out of your whole body.

(If you want to learn more about how to do sitting meditation, click here.)

3. A go-to, comforting thought(s).

Of your loved one, a sacred place, anything. If thinking of Dalai Lama often brings you a sense of relaxation and calm, use it. Practice it often so when you are deep in that hole of despair, the calm that arise with those thoughts can ease your pain.

Although these are quick and temporary fixes, we all need a remedy every now and then to get ourselves back up on our feet and keep living. You can play around with the thoughts and methods that work for you.

Please share with us if you found your remedies in the comments below!

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