True Happiness Is Found, Not Chased

July 28, 2016

"The happiness ahead does not exist. It's now or never."

Happiness only blooms within your heart when certain conditions are met. Like a seed that needs the right combination of soil, water, sunlight, and ecosystem to develop into a full-grown tree, the state of true happiness is achieved once their requirements are fulfilled too.

I am certain that everyone has experienced happiness in various occasions. The tumultuous, stressful lives that most of us lead motivate us to seek ways to escape and unwind. Most would choose vacations, leisure activities with friends and so forth. It simply is an emergency exit from your everyday troubles. You get temporary relief, and before you know it, you are thrown right back into the battlefield. While you do experience happiness, it is short-lived, and often comes at a high cost if you spend the rest of your life in this cycle. Most importantly, the chase is never-ending. Imagine trying to do this in your 50’s and 60’s onwards! Why does happiness always seem to be ahead, and out of reach?

So How Do We Start?

Here are starters to prime your mindset to get you on track to experiencing True Happiness.

  1. Think about the important events in your life where you felt saddest, angriest, and happiest.

  2. Make a list of those events, and mentally relive those moments. Notice different feelings that arise with each event.

  3. Do you see the one thing in common that stands true among those feelings? Saddest, angriest, or happiest – none of them are everlasting. That happiness on your list does not last.

No matter how hard we try, this infamous happiness we all are seeking for slips out of our hands as soon as we taste it. We spend our lives searching for fuel to refill an infinitely leaking tank. We are seeking for happiness that does not truly exist.

True Happiness

Happiness is found, not chased. At True Happiness, what we are here to achieve is to help you find that happiness in every moment. This type of happiness is more economical and independent of external entities. It is attained from a set of factors fulfilled, it is generated from within us, and it results from understanding and accepting the reality. It is reliable, stable, and does not result from being with your lover, your children, having a high net worth, or owning a beautiful mansion. It is free from conditions, no strings attached, and accessible to everyone. It does not require your chasing.

To begin your journey toward True Happiness, click here.

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