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"Make a man happy and he will be happy for a day. Teach a man how to be happy and he will be happy for a life time."

Welcome to True Happiness

Here you will have fun learning the science, art, and practice of how to be happy. Down to its fundamental, True Happiness is about learning how to live with reality or learning how to live with what is or learning how to find happiness in the present moment.

The structure of this website goes as follows:

Overall Structure

Unhappiness can be succintly defined as our inability to come to terms with the reality. Happiness and unhappiness is inextricably related. But the common starting point for most people is unhappiness. Unhappiness is not something which one should avoid in fact it is a great catalyst for learning true happiness. No one learn how to swim by reading a book. Happiness is the same. It is a skill which can and must be learned and practiced. Here, the combination of both knowledge and practice is necessary for one to flourish.

To be happy, there are 4 things to know and 1 thing to do...

Happiness is a science. And the goal of True Happiness is to turn you into a "happiness expert." The laboratory/school in which we will work at is ourselves. In this laboratory, we will work to discovery four Truth of life:

  1. What is True Happiness?
  2. What are the causes and conditions of happiness?
  3. How to obtain True Happiness?
  4. Why True Happiness matters?

These are the four main questions this website will help you answer. But knowing the answer from reading is different from knowing the answer from the hearts. This is why it is imperative that we come to know happiness by heart. Consequently, this requires a practice which would allow the heart to see its own truth and that practice is mindfulness.

Mindfulness is The One Way Street Toward True Happiness.

How? True Happiness can not be found in the search of what is outside of us. It is about what is inside of us.

'What's worse, the falling rain, or your resistance to getting wet?'
- Jeff Foster

I love the quote above. Our resistance is basically our unwillingness to accept Truth. Our tendency is to try to control and change reality to fits our want. But can we demand the rain stop? Can we ask the dead to turn back to life? Can we command someone to love and not hate us? Reality has its own rules and laws which is absolute and does not goes according to what one wills. If one do not know how to adapt and change ourselves to live with reality then that is our resistance to Truth. And that is unhappiness.

You can't change what you do not know. This is why mindfulness is the one way street toward True Happiness. There is no surer path. And there is no path more beautiful than this. This path is about self-transformation, compassion, selflessness, understanding, Truth, and ultimately True Happiness.